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Fouad Snap (FMSC)

Fouad Snap, also known as FMSnapchat, is known for the best privacy features that Fouad Mods has developed.

Snapchat Base12.85.0.45
Last updateMay 08, 2024


Secret Screenshot

Take screenshots of your friend’s snaps, chats, and stories without letting them know.

Secret Screen Record

The feature allows us to Record stories, spotlight or any screen of the Snapchat app.

Hide view snap

You can view your friend’s snaps/stories without letting them know.

Hide read messages

Read messages that you received without letting the sender know that you read them.

Hide typing…

Fouad Snap allows users to hide their typing status. So you can send surprise messages.

Hide online status

Put your status offline in chat when you want to do things privately.

Secret typing

Secret typing lets you stay hidden as it doesn’t notify the person that you want to text.

Auto-save snaps

Save snaps to device storage automatically after your view. So you can view them whenever you want.


Login to your account without any issues. Root and Xposed are not needed to work.

more features will be added soon…

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fouad Snap?

Fouad Snap is a Snapchat mod app which offers awesome features that are not available in the official version. The Fouad Mods team develops it. Not only this mod, but these guys also made mods for WhatsApp.

What are the privacy features?

You can take screenshots, record screens, hide your snap view, hide your stories view, hide message typing, and online status in chats.

Is Fouad Snap safe to use?

Yes. Fouad Mods, the developers of this app, are well-known and trusted among the modding community.

What are the other names for Fouad Snapchat?

The developer officially announced names are FMSC, Fouad Snap, FMSnap, FM Snapchat and Fouad SC.

How to install FMSC APK?

Just install it like every other APK on your android.

How to update Fouad SC?

Download the APK file from this page and install it on top of the old app.

Do we need to uninstall official Snapchat before installing Fouad Snap?

Yes, you have to uninstall the official app.

Do you have plans to make a clone?

Not yet. But we will do it in future.

Does Snapchat ban accounts?

Yes, only when you download the remod apk of our FMSC. If you use Fouad Snap from official sources like this site, then it’s good.