You can read the changelog of Fouad Snap or Fouad SC or FMSC app here on this page. We will update this page content when we make changes.

What’s the new in 1.50?

  • Custom App Icon
  • You can change Snap icon look on the home screen
  • Other Fixes & Improvements

What’s the new in 1.40?

  • Fixed: Logout/Login issue
  • Fixed: Multi-account login problem
  • Bug fixes and improvements

What’s the new in 1.30?

  • 100% Full Dark Mode option (App Appearance)
  • Fixed Download option for Snap/Story/Discover
  • Show confirmation after saving snap successfully
  • More fixes and improvements

What’s the new in 1.20?

  • Location Changer
  • Change your location on snap map
  • Night Mode option beta 2 (99% of UI)
  • Saving snaps show toast notification
  • More fixes and improvements

What’s the new in 1.10?

  • Night Mode option beta (90% of UI – cant do more now)
  • View snaps and stories for unlimited time
  • Download option for Snaps
  • Download option for Stories
  • Download the option for Discover
  • Download option for Spotlight
  • Annoying Gservices notification

What’s the new in 1.00?

  • Privacy features
  • Secret Screenshot without knowing
  • Anti Screen Record without knowing
  • Hide View Snap
  • Hide View Story
  • Hide Read Messages
  • Hide Online in chat
  • Hide Typing…💬 in chat
  • Secret Typing (don’t notify the person before sending messages)